Working Papers

|11| "The Economic Benefits versus Environmental Costs of India's Coal-Fired Power Plants"
with Geoff Barrows and Akshaya Jha.

|10|  "Losing Your Cool: Income and non-Income Mechanisms in the Temperature-Violence Relationship"
with Gordon McCord and Aleister Montfort. 
[Draft available on request]

|9|  "How are healthy, working populations affected by increasing temperatures in the tropics? Implications for climate change adaptation policies"
with Yuta Masuda, Brianna Castro, Nicholas Wolff, Ike Aggraeni, Kristie Ebi, Edward Game, Jennifer Krenz and June Spector.  
[Revisions requested at Global Environmental Change] [Draft available on request]

|8| "The Ecological Footprint of Transportation Infrastructure"
with Sam Asher + Paul Novosad.
[Revised and Resubmitted to Economic Journal]

|7| "Temperature and Human Capital in India" 
with Maulik Jagnani + Vis Taraz.  
[Revisions requested at Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists]
[IGC – Ideas For India]

|6| "Ecosystems and Human Health: The Local Benefits of Forest Cover in Indonesia" 


|5| Garg, Teevrat, Stuart Hamilton, Jacob Hochard, Evan, Kresch and John Talbot (2018) "(Not So) Gently Down the Stream: River Pollution and Health in Indonesia,"  Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Vol. 92, November 2018, pp. 35-53. [Data and Code]

|4| Bento, Antonio, Teevrat Garg, and Daniel Kaffine (2018) "Green Booms or Emissions Reductions? The General Equilibrium Effects of Renewable Portfolio Standards," Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Vol. 90, July 2018, pp. 78-100.

|3| Barrett, Christopher B., Teevrat Garg, and Linden McBride (2016) "Well-Being Dynamics and Poverty Traps," Annual Reviews of Resource Economics, 8(1) Oct. 2016, pp. 303-327.

|2| Garg, Teevrat, Christopher B. Barrett, Miguel I. Gomez, Erin C. Lentz, and William Violette (2013) "Market Prices and Food Aid Local and Regional Procurement and Distribution: A Multi-Country Analysis," World Development, Vol. 49, Sep. 2013, pp. 19-29.

|1| Rickard, Bradley j., Marco C. Costangio, and Teevrat Garg (2013) "Economic and Social Implications of Regulating Alcohol Availability in Grocery Stores," Applied Economic Policy and Perspectives, 35(4), pp. 613-633.

Selected Works in Progress

"The Role of Local Institutions in Preserving the Commons: Theory and Evidence from Indonesia"
with Caterina Gennaioli, Stefania Lovo and Gregor Singer. 

"Complementarities in Adaptation to Climate Change in Agriculture: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Nepal"
with Paul Christian. [baseline data collected]

"Targeting Regimes for Public Goods: Evaluating Efficiency and Distributional Outcomes in a Field Experiment"
with Paul Christian, Florence Kondylis and Astrid Zwager. [baseline data collected]

"Fishing for Votes? Income Shocks and the Opportunity Cost of Voting"
with Sebastian Axbard and Jonathan Colmer. [IGC Synopsis]

"Trade, Pollution, and Infant Mortality: Input vs. Output Market Effects in India"
with Geoff Barrows and Ritam Chaurey.